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Currently, there are few FDA-approved adult stem cell therapies on the market, but there are FDA-authorized clinical trials going on right now all over the country. These clinical trials are properly monitoring their outcomes according to FDA guidelines and helping future therapies become a reality in our health system. Our map identifies these locations with FDA-authorized regulatory status and by using this resource, patients will readily find and consider participation in these trials.

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FAQs for Clinicians and Sites

Why should my trial be listed on the TrueTrials map?

We’ve created TrueTrials to assist you in quickly finding the patients that are important to your study. TrueTrials is an easily searchable repository of FDA-authorized studies designed to make the safest studies more accessible to a wide audience of potential participants. We are working with several organizations, key contacts, and press to drive patients to the TrueTrials map and provide exposure for your study to qualified participants. Our platform is currently free to use by both trial sites and patients and has been curated under close advisement with the Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER) at the Food and Drug Administration. In the future, to cover administrative costs, trialists may be asked to pay a Membership Fee based on value created. This policy will be reevaluated in January 2024.

What will TrueTrials do with my IND/IDE and IRB information?

We are committed to ensuring only FDA-authorized trials appear on the TrueTrials map and we use these FDA documents as validation that your trial is FDA authorized. Though our team reviews this information closely, we do not share or disclose your documents to any other trial site, clinician, or patient.

How will patients get in touch with me if they see my trial on the map?

If a patient is interested in your trial, they can get in touch with you in one of two ways: 1. Patients can click the “submit inquiry” button on the TrueTrials map. Our team of medical professionals will consult with them to ensure they are a fit for your trial and then send a connection email to introduce the patient to your trial’s listed point of contact (a pre-filtered approach). 2. The trials on the TrueTrials map are also connected to your listing on Some patients may navigate there and contact the trial’s point of contact directly without consulting with our staff on your qualifications (the current traditional way).

My trial is not yet enrolling, can I submit it?

All recruiting trials are welcome to submit their information; however, it will only appear in the map once it has entered the stage where you are enrolling patients. Submitting your information is a good idea for ensuring your trial will appear on the map quickly once you are able to recruit patients. We suggest submitting your information now and then reaching back out to us with a status update.

How long does it take to get added to the map once I submit my IND/IDE information?

We do our best to get your location verified and added to the map as quickly as we can. We may reach out to your trial’s point of contact if we need further information to create a functional listing on our map. Please know that rather than automating the process, TrueTrials has elected to have a team member review and approve each trial that is added to the map for quality control.

What if the status of my trial changes?

If the status of your trial changes, please let us know within 14 days so your listing on the TrueTrials map can be appropriately updated. We will make every effort to independently verify the correct status for the trials on our map, but your participation will speed up the process. We will be reaching out to the Trial Coordinator approximately every two months to check on the status.

I already see my trial site listed on the map; why isn't my trial on there?

We work with many trial locations that are running more than one clinical trial. We would be happy to add your trial as one operating in your location if you would provide us your IND/IDE information. Simply fill out the form above or contact us and we will get the process started!

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