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Our Mission

To elevate awareness and accelerate conduct of true clinical trials in regenerative medicine by highlighting only clinical facilities providing cell-based treatments within FDA-authorized studies.

Our Hope

To be a useful, unique resource that pin-points locations looking to help people with diseases and conditions participate in studies that actively progress the regenerative medicine field through proper data collection and patient follow-up.

Our Values

Integrity - We aim to bring transparency to the regenerative medicine field with resources that help the public clearly identify the products and facilities they can trust.

Safety - We prioritize, above all, the safety of patients seeking treatment for their conditions and strongly believe those in the regenerative medicine field are obligated to ensure that the urge to find a cure does not compromise the safety of those seeking help.

Better Health - We look forward to future approval and eventual public marketability of cell therapies, but are strictly aware of the steps it takes to get there. We promote the correct road to cures and therapies through the FDA.

Team Bio

At TrueTrials, finding a leading-edge, credible trial is easy and most importantly, safe. TrueTrials was founded by a team of compassionate, professional, and highly-motivated individuals focused on forging a clear and safe path for patients into the regenerative medicine space. The highly-experienced doctors managing this effort are committing their time to changing the norm for those searching for safe and novel stem cell trials amid a sea of clinics with uncertain FDA regulatory status. To make it clear and easy for those looking through sources like, TrueTrials has led an effort to obtain the IND numbers of each clinic and confirm them for authenticity with the FDA before putting them on a helpful map for patient convenience. The success of this effort means success for patients and the ongoing research-based trials with stem cells in the United States. Their results, through monitored patient safety regulations and proper data collection, are critical to bring these exciting, novel therapies to patients, with payor reimbursement. Recommend our map to others so they too can steer their treatment course to trials they can trust.


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