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Want the latest in FDA-authorized cell therapy clinical trials? Here’s where to find them.

Benefits of the Map Page

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  • See only the FDA-authorized cell-therapy trials in the United States

  • Search for trials addressing specific medical conditions

  • Obtain contact information for trials of interest

  • Enroll in trials with assurance of their integrity and safety

  • Support real, regulated research and data collection of trial outcomes

  • Participate in the eventual wide availability of cell therapies, currently in their study and trial stages

How We are Helping the Field

Currently, there are few FDA-approved adult stem cell therapies on the market, but there are FDA-authorized clinical trials going on right now all over the country. These clinical trials are properly monitoring their outcomes according to FDA guidelines and helping future therapies become a reality in our health system. Our map identifies these locations with FDA-authorized regulatory status and by using this resource, patients will readily find and consider participation in these trials.

What People are Saying

As an active primary care internal medicine professional, I have been interested in regenerative medicine and cell-based therapies for many years. I often have patients ask me about these and how to distinguish treatments of uncertain regulatory approval from trials which are FDA-authorized and well-founded. The TrueTrials resource will provide me the ability to recommend sites to patients with confidence for the first time!

Dr. Angeli Akey

I have spent enough time searching for information on cell-based therapies to know where I might find help for arthritis in certain joints due to a lifetime of sports related activities. True Trials provides the key to finding FDA-authorized trials. Now we can know the menu of options in this country worth pursuing.

Bill Koss

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